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POKEBOO boots - winner of the 2018 GOOD DESIGN AWARD

The GOOD DESIGN AWARD is Japan's only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation system, founded in 1957.

They can also be used in the city

They're so light

They are so handy that you'll want to take them with you everywhere!

Many outdoor products have unique features, one of the most important being the compatibility of functionality and portability. These boots are designed for urban use, so they differ from other boots designed for hiking in the mountains and over much more rugged terrain.

As a result, POKEBOO boots are especially thin in material and more compact when folded than similar products. Not only are they lightweight and functional when worn, but they are also considered stylish.


Each pair folds up and fits into a handy pouch. They're easy to store in your handbag or suitcase as a compact travel umbrella. It's so easy, you'll want to take these boots with you wherever you go!

Lightweight and compact portable boots

These boots are made from natural rubber for excellent water resistance and an easy-to-fold design. With a snug fit, the boots fit snugly from the cuff to the toe of the foot, providing a pleasant and comfortable walking experience.

Best of all, the two boots together weigh no more than an average plastic drink bottle. The boots can be put in the included carrying pouch, which has a handy carabiner for attaching to backpacks, etc. These boots are ideal for use in any environment, including camping, fishing and outdoor festivals. They offer excellent protection in case of sudden downpours or other adverse weather conditions, making these boots a stylish and reliable solution for urban hikers.

and compact


Includes a handy carabiner for easy hanging from a backpack or travel bag, or even on a clothes rack at home.


Fully waterproof design. Ideal for outdoor use including camping, fishing and outdoor festivals. Great spare for the city in case of unforeseen weather conditions.

Outer sole

Unique outsole design provides reinforcement at the heel for a secure foot grip and a crisp feel when walking.

Thin and modern



Step 1

Remove the elastic straps and pull the retraction ring

Step 2

Remove the folded boots from the bag

Step 3

Unfold each boot

Step 4

Boots ready to use